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Maureen - CEO, Founder, Owner Mande Web Design started in 1995 when Maureen decided to create her own "Place on the web". Being of the creative mind of her own, she did not want someone else to do it for her, so she did a lot of trial and error and came up with her own site. Her dream was to own a Bed and Breakfast some day and call it "D'Laceys Inn". So she bought that domain and created what was suppose to be just about her road to the Inn. But it grew and grew.. friends contributed items to put on her site, she gathered information and poetry and even some jokes along the way. She received over 100 awards total for her creativeness and "fun" spot. ( http://dlaceysinn.com )

Because it was fun to create for herself, she decided it would be even more fun and rewarding to create for others. So after gathering as much information as possible, she headed out helping others with their sites.

It finally took off in 2000 when she did sites for people other than just family and friends.

It may not be a huge 40 person business, but it is thriving and we are all still having fun and enjoying the "Web Success" of others.

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