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You are visiting our AWARDS page. These awards were earned by us from various award givers because of our site meeting their particular criteria. Each award is explained or commented about by the giver and linked back to the site that it was received by. You will also notice "Nominee" awards which we were given by the respective awards program to display until such time we have earned their rated award.

It is nice to know that all our work is acknowledged by others.

If you have a site of your own,, please check out these awards' links and submit your site to earn an award of your own.

Thank you, and enjoy yourself looking over my awards!


Gold winner: CowGoMooGold.com
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CowGoMoo - WebAwards Team! is pleased to annouce your site has been reviewed and you have WON our Gold Award.


Your site was judged on content, functionality, graphics and usefulness to the general public. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work!


Our kindest regards and best wishes,
CowGoMoo WebAwards Judge Panel!


Golden Webpage Award

Congratulation for creating an award winning WebSite.

I visited your WebSite and found it to be outstanding in appearance and in content. Your effort to improve the wonder of the Internet is clearly reflected on each page. Please continue to move ahead with your talents.

May God bless you and your...


George P. Crofton, MSgt, USAF Retired


The Ultra Web Award nominee

  Ultraweb Award Nominee


The LTS Grail Award nominee

  LTS Grail Award Nominee


AAWebmasters Excellence in Web Design Gold Award 2007-2008

Maureen Anderson,
The American Association Of Webmasters Awards are primarily designed to supply formal recognition to webmasters and designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design, content and creativity.
Congratulations! Your site at: Mande Web Design has been selected to receive The American Association Of Webmasters, "Gold" Award.  We see all the hard work and dedication that you have put into constructing your web site and your efforts are well deserved.  Your site displays:  A nice clean Design and Layout of Website, with quality content and informative information for your visitors.


Congratulations once again on a wonderful website and contributing interesting content to the World Wide Web  We wish you all the best.
Donna Snyder - CEO
Awards Committee - American Association Of Webmasters
Rated With AS! 5.0 - World's Elite Award
Listed In "The Webmasters Guide To Glory"
CEO of - The World Wide Web Awards
Member of The Better Business Bureau



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