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The following awards were earned by Mande Web Design in 2003. We have since revamped our website and have or will be reapplying to these award sites for the current design.

We are still very proud to display these earned awards as the content of the website has not changed, only the looks/design. Plus being from years ago, we feel it appropriate to archive these award but certainly keep them available to view by the public at any time.

Please still enjoy our awards with us. Some have since been dispersed, but some are still available for you to view their websites as well. If you are a webmaster/webmistress, please don't hesitate to click over to the active award sites and submit your own creation to possibly earn recognition as well!  Good luck!


Award World Special Winner



Hidden Treasures Excellent Site Award

Congratulations you won my award!  After visiting your wonderful site, I am pleased to give you my Award!  You truly deserve it and keep up the great
work!  :)


Thank you for applying,



SNY Smart Site Award


Congratulations, you have been chosen to receive the Smart Site Award.
Your site has shown originality, Great navigation and unique design.

John Bishop
Web Judge
Smart Site Award



Gigis Dream Catcher Award

          After reviewing your site it is my pleasure to present you with the Gigi's dreamcatcher gold award.

Laura Velli

Gigi's dream catcher awards





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