13 Reasons To Put A Business On The World Wide Web

(thank you to Kim and Brad Hampton who wrote "Creating commercial Websites" for this information): (NOTE: Moving your mouse over the words will pop up a small informational box explaining each reason. Please have your popup blocker set to accept popups from us.)


First read the 13 reasons to put your business on the web, then click HERE to view the average cost to build a business website for you. Remember, each business site is a little bit different, therefore the pricing may not be the same for all. Let us help you get started!

  1. To Establish A Presence.

  2. To Network.

  3. To Provide Availability Advertising.

  4. To Augment Traditional Advertising.

  5. Customer Service.

  6. Publicity.

  7. To Open International Markets.

  8. To Test Market New Services and Products.

  9. To Reach A Highly Desirable Demographic Market.

  10. To Reach The Specialized Market.

  11. To Provide 24-hour, 7-day Accessibility.

  12. To Save Money.

  13. To Sell.

* Information taken from "ASK.COM", using the following url: http://www.cie-gnyc.org/mets2002/Divide.htm

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