Plan Your Plan

Use the checklist below to look at what you want your site to be. It's purpose and meaning and what you want to bring to the internet. This checklist will assist us in helping you get the best site for you.

This information will also help you decide what kind of service is best for you. We will help you create the best possible website for your needs and desires! Keep the answers to the above questions handy when you chose the option you would like us to use when creating your website.

What is the Purpose of My Site?

To advertise my business

To promote a special cause
To provide helpful tips on an area of my expertise
To sell products or services
To create a site for my family in other areas to keep up to date
What size site am I interested in having?
I'm interested in just the basics, 2 or 3 pages would be nice.
I'd like to start with the basics and possibly grow from there
Pretty detailed site, multiple pages with links and pics
Am I interested in having my own domain name? ie:
Yes, definitely
I already have a registered domain, I need the site to be designed for me
No, thank you
Who will be the primary people to visit my site?
Business professionals
Mostly men
Mostly women
Mostly children
People seeking specialty items
Everyone body and anybody who surfs the net
With the above visitors in mind, how detailed and high tech do I want to get?
Professionally done, with only the appropriate bells and whistles necessary
Well designed and eye appealing, some bells and some whistles
Eye catching and appealing. Flashing logos and signs when appropriate
Lots of things. I want it to really stand out when someone sees it
I want everything possible on the site, but still easy and quick to load for my visitors
Speed and design is the most important

How will my site be maintained?

I will maintain the site myself
Would like to have someone maintain the site with information I provide


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