We are happy to announce that we are now offering one of the most sought after services on the internet. That is being able to take your home videos and transfer them to be viewable on the web.


The fee for transferring to web viewable format is dependent on many factors. Please fill in the "INQUIRY FORM" located HERE with your specifics and a quote will be returned with your needs in mind.


We can host your web-ready video for a fee as well, and that fee will be included along with your quote request.


For those just curious of the cost of transferring etc, let me first explain the process we will go thru with your home video and transfer to web-ready media.


Let's take for instance you have a home video on VHS that runs just a few minutes over 1 hour.


The process to convert a 1 hour VHS video would take approximately 3 to 3.5 hours time. Broken down: 1 hour to capture the video, 1 hour to convert and save to web media, and about 1 hour to upload media file to the web. Plus time allotted for preparation for each step and setup of each video.


We charge $250 minimum, regardless of length of video.. and the fee is $120 per additional hour over 2 (billed in increments of 30 minutes). So with the above example in mind, it would cost approximately $430.


Your original tape will be returned. You can also have your video burned to a DVD (limit of 4 hours viewing time) for an additional fee.


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