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You are visiting our UWSAG AWARDS page. These awards were earned by us from those programs that are UWSAG rated award programs.

It is nice to know that all our work is acknowledged by others. Knowing the time it takes for the evaluators of these award programs to visit a site and evaluate it against their criteria, your awards are very much appreciated and displayed with honor.

If you have a site of your own,, please check out these awards' links and submit your site for an award of your own. Be sure to check with UWSAG to become a Nominee and earn further recognition!

These awards have strict criteria to meet and we have done our best to meet all criteria. And because of our efforts to follow criteria expected of our websites to earn their awards, we are honored to be recognized by them in the highest category our website falls into.

You will notice that there is also listed "Nominee" badges in the list below. These badges designate those awards programs that are in the process of evaluating our website and have given us these badges to display until the award won is received.

Thank you, and enjoy yourself looking over our awards! Each program below will open into its own window so you will be able to continue viewing our site where you left off once you have viewed the site of the program.



Greetings and Congratulations!


It gives us great pleasure to inform you that your site has won a Bronze Astral Award.

We enjoyed visiting Mande Web Design and learning more about you and your work!  Over all your site is well constructed, easy to navigate, and consistent in theme and style.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Congratulations once again, and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!


Review Team
The Astral Awards


Gold Award from Nautical Awards Program 

Dear Mande,
What a fascinating site to review. You're gifted; and NAP is honored by your interest in our award. Your site has surpassed our criteria in every category. With sincere admiration of your talents, NAP is honored to award Mande Web Design with our Gold Award.
Best wishes, and please stay in touch.
 William T. Morgen


Timelines Award 

  Dear Maureen Anderson,

Thank you for your interest in Timelines Award Program and inviting me
to visit your site.

Congratulations, your site Mande Web Design wins Timelines Silver Award
of Excellence. Silver Award of Excellence winners have interesting
content and excellent design, although some work could be done either in
design, content or coding to reach gold.

Kind regards
Webmaster Timelines Award Program


WOW Factor Award 

Hi Maureen,

It is an honour to award your site the Bronze WOW Factor Award. Your site is interesting, different from the norm and well worth a visit. Congratulations!

WOW Factor Awards has recently changed their criteria to include a number of basic accessibility criteria. Your site is the first to earn an award under this new set of criteria. Well done!

Arnold Goodway.
[UWSAG 5; F.R.I 4; Wsaptronic 3]



 CLL Website Awards


I'm pleased by announcing, that your site "Mande Web Design" is a Merit Award winner of my "CLL Website Awards". Also, thank you very much for inviting me to evaluate your excellent site with so versatile content of an online business designing websites, with links to Internet services! Navigation is functional, relevant and exhaustive. Pages are proper-sized with very high consistency. Backgrounds, fonts and graphics are well selected lending support to a harmonious whole. In its entirety your site is very pleasant to visit.


With best regards,
Juhani Kerkkonen
WECP Certified Evaluator


Tim's Spider Award


Dear Maureen Anderson,

After an extensive evaluation we would like to congratulate you with your web page design. Well designed and we will gladly visit your site again.

That's why we award your site with Tim's Merit Spider Award, and wish you continued success in  all your endeavors!


You are a Merit winner of the Tim's Spider Awards*** 2007!

Thank you for your interest in our Awards Program.

Tim Beylemans   

Tim's Spider Awards


The Game Puppet Excellence Award 2007 


I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much and I am happy to give you my award. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work. You do not have to link back, but it would be appreciated.





Becky K's Gold Award

  Dear Maureen ....I enjoyed visiting and evaluating your web site.  Your site is has a great design; and it shows  your talent and creativity.  Everything functions well within the site.  Your have created a top level site by any standards.  Thank you for sharing it with us all.  
Congratulations!!!!!  It is my pleasure to give your site, Mande Web Design the  Gold Award.
Your final score was 95
Your site is posted on the Gold Winners list at the following URL  http://www.tlth.org/bka/winners/gold2.htm


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