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  We are sure you have plenty of questions, so here are some that we have been asked in the past. We do hope they put your mind at ease.

If you do not see a question/answer that you were looking for, please feel free to send us your question using this FORM.



Q1. Why would I want a whole website dedicated to our wedding?


A1. A good reason would be so your family and friends near and far can know what's going on with your wedding plans and your life, or as much as you want to provide.



Q2. Who will see my website?


A2. Anyone on the internet has the ability to view your website.



Q3. How can I notify everyone that I have a website for them to check out?


A3. We can assist you in emailing anyone who have email addresses. You can also write letters or notes to your friends with your  new website address noted. Also, when sending out emails, add your URL (domain name) to the end of your message and everyone will have it!



Q4. Can I put other things other than just my wedding information on the website?


A4. Yes, most certainly. It will be YOUR website and you can add anything you'd like. If you'd like to add something different, we can even put that on a different template of your choice.



Q5. What if I have more information to put up on my website, how will it get done?


A5. Because you will be paying a monthly maintenance fee, you can send us the information you want to be added, or taken off, at anytime, and within 3 days of your request, it will be completed. Most of the time the request is done near instantly.



Q6. Does your company help me obtain the domain name I want?


A6. Yes, we will assist you in obtaining the  name you desire, or something relatively close if the one you want is not available. There are many variations and options that we will be more than happy to help you with.



Q7. What if the domain name I want isn't available, what do I do then? What are my options?


A7. Sometimes the specific name you'd like is not available exactly as you wrote it. In that case, we will work with you to find a variation that will be suited for you. Of course we will not purchase the domain name without your approval first.



If you do no see a question/answer that you were looking for, please feel free to send us your question using this FORM.


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