Congratulations On Your Engagement!

Deciding to have a site in your honor is a big step to take but it does not need to be intimidating at all! We will take care of everything!

You actually have two choices regarding a website.

OPTION 1: You can go the whole way and have a website totally dedicated to you and your wedding/family, with your name or a name of your choice. OR


OPTION 2: You can have a few pages which would be part of this website. You would not have your own domain name if you choose option 2. But you will still be able to get your information to your friends and family.

Once your site is created, you will be able to add to it whenever you want and your friends and family near and far will be able to keep up with what is happening in your life.

You can add information regarding your wedding, add pictures and info about your honeymoon.. How about letting everyone know about your new home too? Oh, and then the children come and what's best but to let everyone see their cherub faces and cute things they always do?

So.. congratulations on taking this first step in deciding to create a place on the web!

We are sure you have many questions.. so click HERE to continue with some Questions that have been asked and answered. We are sure you will find your worries put to rest and you can then view choices for your site and we can get started right away!

Once you are ready to get started, or if you are just anxious to get more information, you can click HERE to go to the Wedding Designs Page information page!

Talk to you soon!

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