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You are visiting our AWARDS section. These awards were earned by our site because of its design / content / and eligibility as outlined in each award giver's qualifying description.

It is nice to know that all our work is acknowledged by others. Knowing the time it takes for the evaluators of these award programs to visit a site and evaluate it against their criteria, your awards are very much appreciated and displayed with honor.

We have also archived our older awards as they had been earned when we had a totally different design. The content is the same, but the design of the site has been overhauled and therefore we felt it would be better to archive the older awards. We have or will be reapplying to some of them to re-earn their awards this year.

We have also divided the awards earned by those award programs that are participants of UWSAG.

So please feel free to view the archived awards as well as the new awards.

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